Les Petits Canards follows the French Ministry of Education’s academic program. Every morning after Circle Time, we have learning/activity sessions in a fun and relaxed environment. The program consists of the following key learning elements at the preschool level:

Numbers acquisition;
Color awareness;
Letter recognition;
Educational games and pre-writing skills;

Each of these activities is designed to incrementally develop the children’s comprehension of the building blocks of the French language.

At Les Petits Canards, we teach your children through playful activities that include dance, cooking, art projects and science frequently involving outside experts in their fields. The school caters to a small group of just twelve preschool children. This intimate setting greatly enhances the children’s language assimilation and awareness of the French culture.


Les Petits Canards is a full-time, licensed, French-immersion preschool program for children.
For further information please email me:, or call (415) 279-6938

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