Les Petits Canards
Where Every Day is a New Adventure!

French Immersion

Bonjour, my name is Fabienne. I am a native French preschool educator with a full-time, licensed, four-day a week French immersion program for children ages 2 ½ to 5-years old. Join us from Monday to Thursday on a wonderful, daily journey in French through reading, art, music and outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Exploration

At Les Petits Canards we strongly believe that learning happens both indoors and out. My French immersion preschool is ideally-located steps from Golden Gate Park. Every morning after indoor, French language class activity , we pack our lunch and head outdoors for an adventure.

Creative Expression

Creativity in all its forms is a central element of les petits canards french immersion program. From hands-on painting, collage, and video projects, to spontaneous dance parties and visits to local museums, we enable children to expand their creativity on a daily basis.

Join us!

From the beginning, Les Petits Canards French immersion preschool has welcomed little ones of all nationalities.  Each child graduates from the program with a well-developed French vocabulary and keen understanding of the French language, regardless of their French level at the start of the program.