Les Petits Canards is the exact social and learning environment we wanted for our children. Both of our boys flourished under Fabienne’s care. She engages the children with creative learning based preschool activities in a warm home environment.

Our two sons are 4 and 6 years old and on the way to school they still say, ‘I miss Fabienne’s house.’  That’s because they made wonderful friends and engaged their creative minds in costumes, crafts, and music.  When friends ask me how we taught the boys such nice manners, how to climb stairs, and how to eat with a fork, I have to confess it was Fabienne who did it.

Fabienne and her staff create a warm and entertaining environment where the children learn how to interact, discover new skills, and adopt basic manners. She incorporates her natural way of life into her day care, allowing the children to explore the garden and even help prepare wholesome snacks.

Sue and Danny

I am a SF mom who researched all the city daycare programs like crazy for my 18 month old little girl Lucca.  When I came across Fabienne’s “Les Petits Canards” french immersion day-care program, from the beginning I was nothing less than impressed!  After enrolling Lucca I knew right away that the program design was something she would succeed in.  Les Petits Canards is such an amazing program for many reasons; such as the small class size, the daily city outings that the kids get to take, the french language immersion and Fabienne being such a natural around the kids!   Due to this small structure the children get extensive one-on-one personal focus.  The program design is such that the kids are able to take a city outing each day, rain or shine, such as to the beach, garden, park, museum (by bus), or just a stroll to the local boulangerie (Lucca always loved these outings so much).  Not only is the French language brought into the every-day things the kids are learning but there is a strong emphasis on many other exciting things; like arts & crafts, baking, singing/learning songs, imaginary play, costume dress-up (including face painting), and hands-ont play in general.  I must say, from a mothers perspective, I’ve never met a more natural, genuine person with kids than Fabienne.  All the children just adore her and there was many a day when I’d go to pick up Lucca and she wasn’t yet ready to go home!  …….and here’s the plus for me,  I was never really planning on having a completely fluent french speaking 3 year old when we left Les Petits Canards, but due to Lucca’s perfect French accent, her new teachers at the Lycee Francais were certain we spoke the language at home (which unfortunately we do not— yet anyways!).  I would highly recommend Les Petits Canards as a SF day-care program for any parent who wants their child to (in their absence) learn wonderful life lessons and develop strong friendships while having a ton of fun…..that is if you’re lucky enough to get in!

Audra and Brandon

My son has been with Les Petits Canards for almost one year, and he absolutely loves it.  I think Fabienne has created a very loving and nurturing environment, it is like a second family for him.  The days are well balanced, with just the right amount of structured activities and free playtime.   The location is perfect for their daily outings, close to many parks, the beach and the aquarium.  Not to mention the fact that my son understands French very well now, and listening to him speak and sing songs in French at home is wonderful.  It is amazing to see how quickly children can learn a language at this young age.

Marianne and Ryan

Les Petits Canards is a full-time, licensed, French-immersion preschool program for children.
For further information please email me: fabienne@lespetitscanards.com, or call (415) 279-6938

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